What To Do When He Says 'I'm Not In Love With You'

What To Do When He Says 'I'm Not In Love With You' [EXPERT]
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Three little tips to help you survive those awful words.

But think about those early days of passion and promise.  One of the things that made it so exciting was the fact that we didn’t know for sure that the relationship would last. 

Remember how we'd agonize over something small hoping that it it was an indication of something bigger? And remember the feeling of ecstatic joy we felt when they gave us that special look that let us know that we are loved?

At the beginning of a relationship we don’t have as much to lose. We can afford to take some risks, try new things, and reveal parts of ourselves that we're not sure will be accepted. 

Living on the edge of possibility is part of what keeps relationships exciting. If we remember that, we can take the risk to speak our truth even when we’re afraid it might endanger the relationship.

In any long-term relationship there are important thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams, that get suppressed because we're afraid that revealing them will end the relationship. For many, the passion and excitement they was lost is able to be rekindled by taking risks and telling the truth about wants and needs.

What can you do to develop the courage to move towards your fears? What are you willing to do to create a new relationship with the guy you are with?

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