7 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent an Affair


7 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent an Affair

When I see men like Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, and all the other cheaters, I see wounded, immature men.  They may be the famous ones we hear about, but there are millions of other men just like them.  I know, I used to be one myself.  I wrote a whole book about it:  Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places:  Overcoming Romantic and Sexual Addictions.

When we become seriously disconnected from our own courageous souls, we need a kick in the butt from someone who cares, who is truly there for us, to get us back on track.


Listen guys, we can’t keep acting out our wounds by escaping from our pain into the arms of a woman.  And we can’t keep waiting for women who hold us accountable for our actions.  We need to deal with our woundedness before the roof falls in on us..

We need men of courage, men of commitment, men of honor to stand with women of like heart and mind to lead the way if we are going to survive as a species.  Sure, we all have fantasies about getting “a little extra on the side.”  But grow up guys.  There are more important things we have to do.  The world needs us.  Our wives need us.  Our children and grandchildren need us.

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