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Which Is Worse: Sex Or Housework?

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If sex with your significant other feels like a chore, buck up; help is on the way.

Even the best couples experience bumps in the road. Sex becomes routine, and sometimes, it even feels like a chore. This phenomenon is completely normal in a long-term relationship, and shouldn't be cause for major concern. Rather, if this happens to you, take the opportunity to introduce some excitement and novelty into the bedroom. Here's how:

1. Commit a random act of romance. Better sex starts with the little things. Intimacy outside the bedroom — like holding hands and a quick kiss — are key to a loving, intimate sex life inside the bedroom. Never assume your partner knows how much you love him. Leave him a note or send "just because" flowers.

2. Play "hot" hookie. Go on a date day. Call in sick, drop the kids off at school and have lunch with a glass of wine or two. Or, go to a romantic afternoon movie and act like teenagers again. Later, make sure to take your midday "foreplay" straight to the bedroom.

3. Fantasize. Tell you partner you had a sexy dream last night with him in it. It's flattering, and sure to rev up your partner's romantic engine and make your dreams a reality. 

4. Switch it up. Try a new position, new location or experiment with a sex toy like the We-Vibe 3. Unlike other vibrators, the We-Vibe 3's unique C-shape has been designed for wear during intercourse maximize pleasure for both partners. Think your guy might be intimidated by a vibrator? Think again! According to an Indiana University study, 41 percent of women have used a vibrator with their partners.

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