Could Amy Winehouse Have Been Saved? The Power Of Addiction


Amy Winehouse
The singer's unfortunate struggle reminds us that we need to understand the danger of this disease.

It's important to note that ultimately, addicts are responsible for their own behavior and their own recovery. No one can force them to seek help. Unfortunately, we lose many to addiction every year due to this fact, coupled with the fatal power of the disease. But, we should never stop trying to help those around us who are suffering. Whether the addict in your life is a famous celebrity like Amy Winehouse, or a beloved friend or relative, it's critical to do everything you can to minimize enabling behavior and to urge them to get help. Understanding the danger of the disease, as well as the need for a call to action to address it, may just help save them.

Dr. Hillary Goldsher, MBA is a licensed psychotherapist. She has a private practice in Beverly, Hills, CA. To learn more about Dr. Goldsher and her practice, please click here.

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