James Holmes; What Happened?


James Holmes; What Happened?
A Psychological Exploration into the Mind of a Killer


The exploration into the mind of this violent offender is in no way done to excuse, mitigate, or ameliorate the actions of James Holmes.  The actions were his and his alone and are not made remotely more tolerable or digestible by having insight into why and how it could have gotten this bad.  Rather, it is done to facilitate a psychological perspective regarding how this possibly could have happened.   It is a small but important piece of this horrible and devastating puzzle.  



But for now, it is time to return our thoughts to the victims and their families who are steeped in unimaginable pain and loss.  Ultimately, words fail to express the level of sadness and grief and devastation felt for those affected by this tragedy.  We all cry together today and in the days and weeks that follow. 

Dr. Hillary Goldsher, Psy. D, MBA has a priviate practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

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