James Holmes; What Happened?


James Holmes; What Happened?
A Psychological Exploration into the Mind of a Killer

It appears that Holmes was a loner in the deepest sense of the word.  And that he somehow became severely disenfranchised from society—from his family, from his friends, from his academic affiliation, from his own conscience.  A sense of disenfranchisement can lead to deep, unrelenting depression.  One begins to feel that they don’t matter in the world, that they are not worthy of connection, of love, of affiliation, of participating in society.  When this kind of thinking goes unchecked, and begins to multiply, it can become fatally toxic—and like a cancer, it spreads.  It spreads to the mind, to the body, to the heart and to the soul.  And when this metastasis occurs, a form of selfishness, narcissism, and yes, evil can begin to foster and eventually take over. 


Individuals in this state literally become delusional.  Delusions can cause people to harbor paranoid fantasies and ideas about the world around them.   These fantasies often center around the notion that society is to blame for the individual’s woes and sense of utter loneliness and that society alone must pay for this travesty.  A person in this state feels an extreme sense of powerlessness—a total inability to impact his or her own lives or the world around them.  They being to desperately and pathologically seek out a way to feel powerful and important.  They yearn for a platform on which they can appear dominant and potent.  It is in this mix of delusion and desperation, that a murderous plan can be concocted and executed.  That this act, is the only act that will somehow allow this individual to be heard and to feel relevant.

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