James Holmes; What Happened?


James Holmes; What Happened?
A Psychological Exploration into the Mind of a Killer


This history, albeit brief, does not immediately offer any real insight into what ultimately caused this individual to carry out this heinous, totally inhumane act.  Typically murderers such as Holmes are regarded as sociopaths.  Individuals who are void of conscience, hedonistic, narcissistic, and well, evil.  And it appears that these qualities likely apply to Holmes.  I mean, how else does one methodically engage in this kind of horrid act?  It is probably true, from a psychological standpoint, that Holmes is ultimately a sociopath.  There is only a small percentage of the population that engages in this kind of evil, and this title is appropriately and psychologically speaking, reserved for them.  But what else helps us understand this unspeakable act and the man behind it?


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