Do Celebrities Really Break Up More Than Us Regular Folks?


Do Celebrities Really Break Up More Than Us Regular Folks?
An Exploration Into the Dynamics of Celebrity Marriages and Divorces

Access to places and things potentially play a similar role. There is much abundance in the world of celebrity. A celebrity can travel wherever they’d like to go and buy whatever they’d like to have. Much stimulation comes from these kinds of experiences. Travel and shopping and activities can take one’s attention away from the core of their intimate relationship as they are distracted by the heady fun that comes from all that is available to celebrities due to their money and status. This may be yet another part of the celebrity phenomenon that enhances the odds of a break up.  



The aftermath of a celebrity divorce may be easier than a non-celebrity divorce. The money, of course, makes the financials a non-issue, or at minimum less complicated than the average. Sure, dividing up all that money, possibly losing some of it due to divorce settlement is sure to provoke much anxiety and stress—but far less difficult than those who have to survey if they can even survive at all financially in the wake of a divorce. Rebounding, as a celebrity seems, well, easier. I mean, there is always a premiere to attend, a project to start, and interview to complete. And meeting someone else…seems easier as well. Celebrities seem to be able to quickly come into contact with another available, attractive, desirable colleague. So the alone period, the mourning period seems less daunting.  Perhaps another reason celebrity divorces appear to be so rampant.

But, alas, these are speculations. The truth lies somewhere in between. I mean, after all, celebrities are just people too. With hearts and wounds and fears and insecurities just like us. And breaking up hurts. The sense of failure, the loss of a dream, the trauma on the children, the letting go of someone you once loved and dreamed of forever with. No matter how much money or fame—this hurts. There just may be a few factors that make it more possible. More palatable. Which seemed worth exploring given the frequency.  

Let’s also remember that the divorce rate is over 50% in this country-- which underscores the difficulty of staying together—celebrity or non-celebrity.  Marriage is hard and requires a lot of work. It reminds us all of the importance of working at it.  


Dr. Hillary Goldsher, Psy.D, MBA is a licensed clinical psychologist who has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.  Please contact her for more insight into couples, marriage and all things celebrity.

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