5 Ways To Honor Yourself This Year


Self-reflection in the new year can lead to a whole new level of self-appreciation!

4. Honor your purpose: We all have a reason to be here. Some are more clear on their purpose than others. Make this year a discovery and honor why you are here. What unique qualities do you bring to your every day life that create purpose? Purpose doesn't necessarily have to mean that you have uncovered that your life's work is to be a teacher, or lawyer, or doctor…although it might be. Purpose doesn't mean you have done something or said something that has impacted many…although it might be. Purpose means that you have found a way to use your life to make a difference. And the difference could be made in your own life, your pets' lives, your children's lives, a strangers' life. And it doesn’t have to be some huge, ongoing contribution. It's about creating a collection of moments in your life where you use your unique gifts to make a difference. Maybe your smile brightens people's day, maybe your quiet strength is stabilizing to others, maybe your humor provides relief in tense moments, maybe your art touches people, maybe how you care for animals or the planet impacts living things, maybe you love to soak up the work of others and have become an artful audience member. Whatever your contributions may be, notice them and honor it. More building blocks of who you are that will make everyday feel more directed and purposeful, and perhaps, at moments, more joyous! Living On Purpose

5. Honor your life with self acceptance: It is quite challenging to do any of the above without self-acceptance—about where you are and about where you are not. Let this be the day where you give yourself a break, tell yourself you are doing the best you can and honor where you are. In spite of all the messiness, imperfections and mistakes, take a moment to accept yourself as human, as flawed and as a work in progress. We all are. Every one of us. And life will always look like that…a path of growth and stagnation, of ebbs and flows, of successes and failures of moments and regrets. Accept yourself for being a flawed human, congratulate yourself on the struggle and commit to a dual path of moving forward while honoring right where you are. It is the trickiest aspect of humanity, but it is what makes us such unique creatures. It's the ability to hold more than one thing in our minds about ourselves and the world at a time. So as you reflect on this article, yourself, last year, and this year ahead, take a deep breath, close your eyes and honor yourself for where you are at this very moment. Now that's a resolution! 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Self-Confidence



Dr. Hillary Goldsher, Psy.D, MBA is a licensed clinical psychologist who has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.   Please contact her for further insight into the topic of self care and self growth.

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