What is Your Love Style?


What is Your Love Style?
Identify ways you make mistakes in love and find out how to fix them.

Love is the desire to bring only healing to any situation: Since genuine love is never harmful, it can only heal. In fact, love could be considered the basis of healing in every situation. Love’s healing power never creates conflict, but teaches us how to accept those we say we love as they are, and to see them as perfectly themselves, allowing us to be perfectly ourselves as well. Love’s desire is to only be truly helpful.

Love is the absence of fear: Love is the only real antidote to fear in the world. Fear always comes from an illusion, for it has to do with a possible future occurrence. Since the future does not exist, but is only a figment of our imagination, fears does not exist either, it also being a figment of our imagination. Such a demand only leads to become counter-phobic, compensating for the fear that has been suppressed. Yet, when we lovingly reassure ourselves of our safety, our well being, and our ability to handle anything, we are giving love to ourselves. When we are able to give loving support to ourselves, we are much more likely to give it to others as well.


Love is gratitude: Where there is gratitude, love cannot be far behind. When we focus on what we are thankful for, the state of appreciation evokes loving thoughts and feelings in our minds. When we focus on what is missing, how we are being deprived, and what we are yearning for, we push aside love and falsely see ourselves as empty or incomplete. But if we experience gratitude, we focus on our fullness, which is our true nature as whole and complete, knowing we already have an endless supply of love to give.

Love is the basis of happiness: Acceptance and forgiveness are the basis of love, and are also the basis of happiness. Without forgiveness, happiness is impossible.  Anytime we judge, focusing on what’s wrong with ourselves or others, we immediately lose our happy state of mind. When we fight against what is, it immediately takes away our inner peace and our strength. When we hand over our power for happiness to another person by saying, “If you will change, the I will be happy,” not only are we unhappy, but we either do not see or we actually repel the love that others may be offering to us. But when we accept someone just as they are, we feel genuine love and are happier and stronger as a result. Love, being the absence of judgment and expectations, cannot bring anything but happiness.
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