Why Jealousy Runs Rampant Among Lesbians


two women one crying one consoling
Are you a jealous lesbian?

Additionally, women are typically more concerned with emotional infidelity than men. With two women both on high alert for emotional infidelity, we exponentially increase our chances of being jealous of our partner's close emotional bonds. All of these little extras can just add more to the pot, highlighting the importance of keeping an unhealthy jealousy at bay. 

For you analytic types who like to understand the "why" and the function of things, this part is for you. Have you ever wondered "what's the point of jealousy?" From an evolutionary standpoint, jealousy has functioned as a mate-protective strategy. Jealousy produces controlling, coercive and protective behavior to reduce promiscuity with competing mates.  

How does this apply today? Surprise! Jealousy still produces controlling, coercive, and protective behaviors over one's partner. The goal here is to avoid acting on feelings and instead take the cue to open a line of communication with defined boundaries. There is a large difference between healthy, protective behaviors and aggressive controlling behavior. 

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