The Non-Doers Guide to Love


The Non-Doers Guide to Love
His Doing Feeds His Love so Learn How to Receive Graciously

Love is assigning value: Tending, doing, and giving-actions bring forth more love.  Eager-to- bond females must remember this, and give men they are interested in the space to come forward. Hold this space, and don’t jump in so fast to do for the man. Let him use his effort, let him plan for dates, pick you up and pay. These executive functions set the reels going in his heart.  Females, we know you have myriad ideas, much agency, and well-paying professions, These are all perks which you reveal in the relationship once the man is crazy about you.  Be careful to be too anxious to be convenient or to prove your worth. He will read the neurotic energy as: you’re not convinced of your inherent value yourself, and are too anxious to hang back and trust what he can do. Plus, your over-active doing deprives him of the exercises that incrementally add to his love.
         “ It is better to give than receive,” we are taught. And in many cases this is true. But giving is a controlling action, meaning the giver is in control.  Learn to receive graciously as a feminine receptive. The man feels good that he has figured out how to please you. He likes himself better then in your presence; and a man falling in love with you has much to do with how he feels about himself in your company.
           Amazon women, this non-doing is not so easy to do. However, the skills of agency, efficacy, and efficiency which raise you in your professional life may not be the skills which enhance you in your gender relations. Women, be more of a human being and less of a human doing. Open your senses and hearts, and smile when you receive. Re-discover the light laughter of being pleasantly surprised.   Date this way and you will grow his love.

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