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Guys and Dolls


Dating involves receiving and interpreting data: the psychological opposite of wishful projection.

     Early doll-playing encourages the psychological skill of projection of potential and personality into an inert doll. Young girls learn to bring things to life via our own imaginations. These capacities can brighten and enrich the feminine inner psyche. Yet, dating men to assess them as potential husbands, we have to 'receive' the data and signals from them: Receiving is the psychological opposite of projection! Woe to women with wishful thinking who can only see the potential or positive qualities they want to see. It is the full integrated accurate picture of the man they need to comprehend. Stand back and assess, girls; don't rush in to assign the 'other' a pet name and character traits. As a perk, your reserve also leaves psychological space for his romantic imagination to spring forth. So pamper and project into those dolls, and quickly attend to your eventual real baby's cues. But with men, tweak your receptive antennae and let the man step in to prove and manifest himself to you. After all, the ultimate success of a relationship often depends on whom you really have to work with....