Are You Listening To Your Body?


Are You Listening To Your Body?
Your body tells you everything you need to know, even when your conscious mind is unaware.

Does your body seem to be betraying you in some way?  Keep exploring and you may discover that your body is leading you down a different path than you think you want to follow.  You may want to be active physically and then you have an injury that stops you from in your tracks.  Maybe that is because your real goal is to get down to business, to build a business by working on the web or making phone calls or writing ad copy.  If you were out and about you would not have the time and energy to focus on your work so your body is literally stopping you from pursuing outside distractions.

The next time you find yourself with an injury or illness that appears to be interfering with or disrupting your plans, pay attention.  Examine your life.  Discover what you may have been avoiding that you need to face up to.  Explore the hidden meaning of your physical problem. You may be amazed at what you discover.


Just one warning.  Most of the time your body is giving you an important message.  However, once in awhile, an injury is just an injury, an illness is just an illness.  And life goes on.

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I have the unique habit of caring about you and seeing your greatness when you may temporarily have blinders on. I will lovingly nudge you into a state of self-acceptance, self-appreciation and receptivity to the love of others.

My life's work is to help you create and allow healing and love in your life and all your relationships. You create healing in your body by removing impediments to your natural immune system functions. You create love in your relationships by accepting and appreciating the unique gifts that each and every person has to offer, and that includes YOU.

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