Are You Listening To Your Body?


Are You Listening To Your Body?
Your body tells you everything you need to know, even when your conscious mind is unaware.

Your body tells you everything you need to know, even when your conscious mind is unaware.  When you have doubts about a certain person or situation, pay attention to your body signals. 

  • Is your neck feeling stiff?  Maybe you are resisting or unable to see different sides or perspectives about the situation. 
  • If your knees are hurting, maybe you want to get out and don't know where to turn or how to do it.
  • Is your stomach churning or feeling tense?  Maybe there is something going on that you "can;t stomach, can't digest, don't understand or are unwilling to accept

Your body is an instrument of truth that does reveal to you what is going on in your subconcsious mind.  When something happens, your body instantly reacts, from the sudden change in facial expression and posture to the instant switching from parasympathetic (relaxed mode) to sympathetic (fight or flight mode).

Catching a cold can be your body's way of crying.  Back pain can be a cry for help because you feel unsupported in some aspect of your life.  Shoulder pain can result from "shouldering," taking on more responsibility than you would prefer.  Foor and ankle problems might indicate you have an unsure footing, you're not confident about the current path you are taking.

Do you doubt that your body is so revealing and always tells the truth?  Think about a sexual situation.  A man has just broken up with the woman he has loved for several years.  Then he meets a beautiful, sexy woman and puts a move on her.  They go back to his or her place and start to kiss and get sexually involved.  But to his embarrassment and frustration, his sexual organ seems to be betraying him.  Just when he wants to prove to himself and to his ex that he is just fine without her, his body does not seem to be cooperating.

This is not unusual.  What is going on here is that this man wants to override what he really feels.  He feels love for another woman and, if he is a man who lives with integrity in his life, he will not be able to "perform" with another women while his heart is attached to someone else.  It's really very simple and makes sense once we pay attention.

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