What Was Arnold Thinking?


What Was Arnold Thinking?
It isn’t only prominent and powerful men who have affairs, BUT

Perhaps, if one were inclined to cut Arnold a little slack, we might look to his oppressive childhood as a mitigating factor. Or the fact that prominent or not, often when there is infidelity, it is because there are problems in the marriage. Keeping a relationship fresh, alive, and fun for decades is a challenge that both partners must tackle together. While affairs generally lead to divorce, occasionally infidelity can serve as a wake up call. But only when the person who has stepped out on the relationship is genuinely contrite and willing to work on things, being completely open and transparent going forward. When there is a history of womanizing or serial affairs, it is unlikely that the pattern will change, no matter how much the other partner wants to try.

So, back to the point, I guess that the obvious answer is that he wasn’t thinking. Certainly not about anyone else’s feelings or needs.  


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