Tackling Difficult Conversations


Tackling Difficult Conversations
Do you avoid having difficult conversations? When you have the conversation, does it come out wrong?
  •         You should ask for time to discuss something that has been on your mind.  Most people just dive into a difficult conversation which creates conflict.  If you let someone know that you need 30 minutes of their time to help you resolve an issue you are dealing with, then that sets the stage for the conversation up front.
  •         Communication involves responsibility, clarity, listening, preparation, followed by speaking.  Take the time to express your thoughts on paper first, plan your conversation, don't make the other person wrong by using you did X language, and be genuine and compassionate.
  •         Schedule the time with them and use this formula for having the conversation:   "When you do X, I feel Y, and I would love your help by doing Z"  Watch the video for an example live of how to do this!

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