Six Signs That Your Marriage May Be On the Rocks


Six Signs That Your Marriage May Be On the Rocks
Marriages that are on the rocks can be saved if you start early enough. Watch for these signs...

#6 Lack of Physical Intimacy
Intimacy might not be the only thing in a relationship, but it is most definitely part of a healthy one. This covers everything from hugging to sex. A partner that doesn't feel interested in holding you or sleeping with you is a partner that will soon want out. Be aware that some people are occasionally distant. Sometimes he or she just isn't in the mood to cuddle, needs some space, or just needs some quiet restful sleep. It's a sign of a problem if s/he never wants to touch you or if you never want to touch them.

If these signs seem severe, it is because they are exactly that. All of these signs are symptoms of a lack of physical and emotional intimacy and connection. What is important to remember is that these symptoms can occur, but in short bursts. That's how relationships are – there are bad days and there are good days. Your marriage is in trouble when there are never good days. Should you see a lot of these symptoms happen even during one month or over several months, it is time to solicit the help of a professional marriage coach or counselor who specializes in helping couples save their marriage. It is possible to recover from marital woes and restore your marriage to happiness and connectedness.

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