4 Phrases NEVER To Use In Your Online Dating Profile


... because there's nothing worse than a generic online dating profile.

2. "I spend a lot of time outdoors." I live in Colorado and this is practically a required statement in online dating profiles here. Yet every person has a different idea of what outdoor enjoyment looks like. Do you walk your dog daily? Hike every weekend? Climb mountains? Barbeque in your backyard? Details!

3. "I enjoy reading/movies." These are popular pastimes. Feel free to mention that you love horror or classics, that you've seen Star Wars twenty times or that you'd see anything that starred Keira Knightly in it. Specific examples tell men so much more about you and will generate emails.

4. "I want someone with a sense of humor." Same goes for "I love to laugh." I've never met anyone who hates laughter or funny people. Yet everyone has a different idea of what's funny (and what's not). Sprinkle some humor into your profile or cite examples of funny movies you love. The humor in When Harry Met Sally differs a lot from that in Dumb and Dumber

The good stuff is in the details. Why sound generic when you can sound like you? Give it a try and let us know how it goes!


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