The #1 Problem with Women’s Online Dating Profiles


The #1 Problem with Women’s Online Dating Profiles
Want to meet great guys online? Avoid being generic and let men see the real you!

Here are some common examples of statements I see in generic online dating profiles, and suggestions on how to avoid them:

  • Generic adjectives. Women will often say things like, “I’m hard-working, kind, funny, and loyal.” These words describe tons of women. How are you hard-working? Do you always finish projects you start? Did you work three jobs to get through college? Do you work 90 hours a week? Instead of a generic adjective, demonstrate your qualities by briefly discussing details about your work, hobbies, and passions.
  • Generic interests. Many women include lists of interests they have, such as, “I enjoy baseball, reading, movies, and cooking at home.” However, many people enjoy these things and they don’t tell us much about you. How do you enjoy baseball? Do you have season tickets to the Dodgers, or did you play college softball? What do you read: financial magazines or paranormal romance books like the Twilight series? Which specific movies are your favorites? What specific meals do you cook well?
  • Generic romance. Many people mention romantic things they enjoy, including walks on the beach, a glass of wine, sunsets, or anything that involves sitting by a fireplace. Because so many people enjoy these things, they don’t say much, so it’s generally better to avoid them in your online dating profile.  

Of course, it’s impossible to convey all that is unique and special about you in a couple of paragraphs. But if you want to connect with the right kind of men, it’s important to include specific, juicy details about those things that matter most to you: your volunteering to teach disabled kids to ski, your trip to South America, your love of Vietnamese food, that you’ve watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy fifteen times, that you’re an animal lover with five rescued dogs. These are the fun details that will draw men to you.

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