Nutritional Correlates Of A Healthy Marriage [EXPERTS]


Nutritional Correlates Of A Healthy Marriage [EXPERTS]
Research says you can eat, drink and exercise your way to a great marriage. Find out how.

The simple truth they discovered was this – the single best predictor of selected scale scores on the MMPI was the PNI. Translation – the best predictor of mental health was nutritional intake, or lack thereof!

Imagine the surprise and joy over this important discovery! The best predictor of mental health was a score on an inventory that measured nutritional levels! Does the word “breakthrough” come to mind?

To quote from Charley’s study in 1983 (which still holds true today): “Namely, there is a sufficient amount of evidence available in the Orthomolecular research literature to suggest that a maladjusted person is certainly not going to get better psychologically if he/she continues to exhibit nutritionally maladaptive behaviors. Clearly, if maladjusted clients can learn to effectively control those nutritional and corollary habits that increase their mental "unhealthiness", as defined by psycho/ nutrition theory, then they at least have a fighting chance to become healthy through the utilization of other treatment strategies employed by the counselor.”

The human body is a very complex entity. But the truth is, those who separate mind and body in their analysis of the human being are just plain wrong – just plain out of touch with the realities of what it means to be human!

Here’s the deal – in order to sustain a quality relationship with the one you love you need to have good mental health. In order to maintain good mental health you need to engage in proper nutrition – you need to eat healthy and engage in healthy activities! Virtually all of the “rules” you hear about healthy eating and healthy living for a healthy “physical body” also apply to a healthy “mental body.” The elixir of good health is exercise, healthy eating, and nutritional supplementation to fill in the holes.

Over these past 31 years, we have studied successful marriages on all 7 of the world’s continents, in 47 countries, and in all 50 of these United States. Make no mistake about it – good mental and physical health is of paramount importance for a “healthy” and successful marriage and relationship. 

As we have written about in our several books, articles, and blogs over the years, one of the “Seven Secrets of a Successful Marriage” is this – long-time successfully married couples care about each other’s health and do their best to promote good health in each other. They know that the way you emote, your anxiety, your productivity, and your ability to engage in a loving relationship, are all affected by what you put into your mouth (or do not!) and how you maintain the health of your body – both mentally and physically. Successful marriages long ago recognized that you must manage your mind and mood through food, exercise, and healthy living.

It does take "Two to Tango,” make no mistake about that. Your physical and psychological wellbeing are very important to the success of your marriage.

Don’t worry. Be healthy. Be happy. Love well.

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Dr. Charles & Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz


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