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How To Move On From Your Divorce

How To Move On From Your Divorce [EXPERT]
Love, Heartbreak

Getting divorced? Don't believe your marriage was wasted time.

We all choose our reality, and what those weeks or years were before a breakup is up to you. Whatever is going on now does not have to change what went on before. Now is when you decide what will make today a good day and if that means taking a different path from the person you once thought would be with you forever, then so be it. 9 Love Lessons I Learned From My Divorce

We are all on the road of our lives. Some people pass us the other way, some are going our way but at a different pace, and some join us for a time and then take a different road, either speeding up or falling behind. There is no right or wrong to it, it's just life. Enjoy the journey!


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