Don't Care Anymore about Caring?


Don't Care Anymore about Caring?
Caregiving for a loved one can takes its toll. How to avoid Compassion Fatigue.

Get back your Compassion

Give yourself a break, literally!
Find a moment to simply enjoy doing something that you like to do, whether it’s reading a romance novel, taking a walk, or going to the mall. It’s important to value your time outside of caring for others. It may help you to know that by giving yourself this gift, ironically, in the long run you will be more present and able to care for others. You deserve the same care and concern others receive from you.


Talk to Someone
Caring for others at times can be a very isolating experience. Even those close to you may not understand the constant demand and energy required to take care of those in need. It’s important you have the opportunity to share the highs and lows of your caregiving experiences. Often it can be helpful to talk to a psychologist who will be able to provide you with support and resources that can help with compassion fatigue.

Take your Laughter Seriously
Look for the humor in the process of being there for those around you. I have yet to meet a caregiver or helping professional who hasn’t had a few funny stories to share. I recall a 92-year old man whom when meeting females, whether it was a family friend, nurse or other helping professional would always begin the conversation by saying, “I would like to say hello to you, but words escape me in the presence of such beauty.” Laughter is a great stress relief, and has great benefits for your physical health and emotional well being.

Turn Compassion Fatigue into Compassion Stamina
By giving yourself the gift of time spent doing things you enjoy, sharing your experiences with others, and finding humor in your daily routines you will begin to feel a resurgence in motivation and compassion that you felt in the past. If you’re still struggling with compassion fatigue and can’t seem to regain your compassion for others, I would urge to seek the assistance of a psychologist. One way or another, getting through compassion fatigue and experiencing compassion stamina is a great feeling! You can get there if you give yourself the gift of compassion that you unselfishly provide to others. As unnatural as it may initially feel, being kind, patient, and thoughtful with yourself and your feelings will in the end fuel your ability to care for others and put you in better touch with the love and connectedness of those around you.

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