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Celebrating Closure: The Death of Osama


The violent death of Osama ignites mass revelry. What is all the celebration about?

Celebrating Closure: The Death of Osama
My wife was on the internet when she informed me Osama Bin Laden was killed. I thought it was just another internet rumor and didn’t want my important Khloe and Lamar television viewing to be interrupted. Amazement swept over us watching the news unfold and the celebration taking place in different cities across the country. What was this euphoria all about? What compelled people in the middle of the night to join the masses at ground zero and Pennsylvania Ave, soon after a bullet pierced the skull of the most sought after terrorist of our time? Was it simply a “victory” for the United States, as if our favorite sports team just won the championship?

I think it’s much more than that. Celebrating the end of Osama Bin Laden is about relationships, particularly those close to us who in one way or another have been touched by 911. It’s about joining together in appreciation for lives lost and the healing taking place for those left behind. Justice is a part of the healing process, and to hear family members of those lost in 911 speak so eloquently about the feeling of peace and solace this moment in history brings to them is inspiring. For those people to be surrounded by strangers who understand the magnitude of such an event and are there to celebrate a moment of healing for so many…what a wonderful display of relationship and connectedness. Love and healing are in the air!

Ironic that a moment of well thought-out and executed violence brings such healing to so many, and gives us as U.S. citizens the opportunity to feel more connected to each other. Blind patriotism and celebrating dominance or “being the best” does always not lead to loving, supporting relationships on both a micro and macro level, but listening to the stories in the crowd, seeing people with tears in their eyes speak of closure and experiencing a moment they thought was never possible for them…well, that goes beyond patriotism for me. That speaks to love, appreciation, and a moment of celebration that recognizes the great tragedy of 911 and the reclamation of hope for a world that protects the innocent and encourages us to love one another in the dark and bright moments of our lives.


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