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Reducing sodium intake, losing weight and medication aren’t the only ways to lower your blood pressure. Recent research suggests that alternative therapies (including aerobic exercise and isometric hand grip exercises) can be effective as well. While alternative therapies shouldn’t replace conventional ones, they can be a great complement to a medical regime, helping to improve results and boost overall wellness. These alternative treatments can be a valuable addition to a balanced anti-aging program. There’s more than one way to improve your health; could alternative therapies be the key to your wellbeing?

Alternative treatments are rarely studied, but they are a popular choice amongst patients. Many like to avoid medication when possible using lifestyle modifications instead. The study found that alternative treatments did in fact reduce blood pressure. As a part of a doctor supervised treatment plan, alternative therapies may provide a valuable key to blood pressure reduction.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternative therapies studied:

Exercise is an effective solution for lowering blood pressure. All types of exercise showed promise from weight training to aerobic exercise and even isometric hand exercises. Surprisingly the hand exercises provided the biggest blood pressure drop with a reduction of almost 10%. While the study only evaluated exercise, we are certain nutrition and fitness counseling could help too.
We often use nutrition and fitness counseling to help propel our patients to a healthier, more youthful lifestyle. A few simple changes in how you eat and move can bring big results.

The study also found small reductions in blood pressure using behavioral therapies like biofeedback. While meditation may provide positive results, it was not studied in depth during this study. More information is needed to determine if meditation is a viable alternative treatment option for high blood pressure.

While alternative treatments might provide a drop in blood pressure, they aren’t intended to replace conventional treatment options, rather they serve as a complement. For example blood pressure medication may lower systolic blood pressure between 10-15mm while alternative treatments typically saw a reduction in the 2-10mm range.

We believe that the best treatment plans focus on the whole body, utilizing a variety of methods to create the ideal solution to problems. Holistic and alternative treatments can be effective, but so is advanced liposuction and hormone replacement therapy. By utilizing the best options from both traditional medicine and alternative treatments, we can create a plan to help you feel your best and to age beautifully.

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