What Objectum Sexuals Can Teach Us ALL About Love


What Objectum Sexuals Can Teach Us ALL About Love
If you perceived personalities in objects, this woman and teacup picture would be hot, hot, hot!

As I read this study, I was especially interested in the girl's emotional reactions. After all, if a person can experience profound dislike for an object's personality, what emotions are possible when there is a feeling of compatiblity? Could romantic - and even erotic - attraction be possible in some cases? Given the overall human tendency to eroticize everything under the sun, I'd say it's quite likely. And OS people show me that this is so. Some people do indeed experience romantic and erotic attractions to objects that go far beyond the concept of fetishes or paraphilias. 

I'm in the process of looking into this potential connection with synesthesia. I've done a second survey of members of OS Internationale which contains reports of various kinds of synesthesia perceptions, including object personalities. This data is not published - and may not be good enough to publish - but it's provocative, and could provide interesting incentive for further research. 


So what is it that Objectum Sexuals can teach Human Sexuals? Well, that the impulse to love and create relationship is deeply engrained in most of us, and that these emotions feel real and natural, no matter what the size or shape or cognition of the beloved. Yes, there are problematic attractions and orientations in this world - and I will not argue that people who feel those attractions need help managing them or may even need laws to prevent indulgence - but in my opinion, OS is not inherantly problematic. True, it's not a reproductive relationship and won't provide grandchildren to gratify those who crave them, but otherwise, there's not much to worry about. Except for stigma and discrimination.

And that brings me to my final point. I probably could have titled this piece, "What Objectum Sexuals Can Teach Us ALL About Courage," because it takes tremendous courage to disclose this kind of orientation and to discuss these types of relationships. It takes tremendous courage to reveal one's true self, one's deep erotic self - even if that self seems wildly at odds with the rest of one's community and society. And so when Erika and others bare their souls and brave the cruel disdain of the general public, I applaud their courage. I see what is at stake for them. Like people in other emerging movements for social justice and acceptance, they'll confront strong, swirling currents of understanding and discrimination. A few may not survive the immersion. 

Those of us who don't quite understand, or who might not even want to, can simply step aside with grace and tolerance and refrain from weighing in with negativity and cruelty. And some of us might want to expand our understanding of human intimacy by learning more about OS. Real lives - and real loves - are at stake. And when you think about it, this is true for us all.

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