How Can the Energy Psychotherapies Help Me?


How Can the Energy Psychotherapies Help Me?
Behaviour change therapy doesn't derail the client and cause great distress. Quite the opposite!

The third purpose of effective behaviour change therapy is to teach coping skills. In many instances clients see they need to make certain changes in their lives, but they simply do not know how to do this. It's the job of therapy to teach or at least show the client new resources. If for instance the individual goes into therapy to help overcome an addiction, it would be helpful for them to be introduced to the concept of a twelve-step treatment programme. They should be introduced to the concept and informed where and when meetings such as AA take place in their local area and how to go about attending such a meeting. Fortunately treatment techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are simple. They are easy to perform and uncomplicated to learn. It is effortless to teach a client the EFT treatment set-up, and then they can use these steps to treat their own problem when and where it actually occurs. For instance if a person has a phobia about dogs he or she is unlikely to encounter one in the practitioner's office! The individual is much more likely to encounter this object of fear in their day to life, and once they have learned EFT they will have a self-help tool to deal with their problem in the real world. These three requirements are offered as part of treatment by competent practitioners and would be something a client would be reassured of receiving when going for any approach that results in behaviour change such as EFT or any one of the Meridian Psychotherapies.



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