Do Women Want To Be Ravished?


Do Women Want To Be Ravished?
Dr. Adam Sheck describes the psychology behind submissive fantasies as a way to reignite passion.

From an evolutionary psychology perspective, women want to know that their man can take care of them, can “hold” them, both emotionally AND physically. I have a female friend who is close to six feet tall and she LOVES that her husband can physically hold her, pick her up, engulf her and make her feel like she’s a little girl sometimes.

If we believe that “form follows function”, than if a man can open a woman sexually with his dominance, than perhaps he can also metaphorically open her heart with his dominance. Perhaps there is part of each woman who wants to have her heart ravaged open, even more than her body? Don’t we all want our partner to help open our heart and experience more love?


Now on the flip side, there are times when a man enjoys his partner initiating sex in a more dominant and aggressive way as well. Being stuck in ANY role will ultimately diminish passion. We need to mix it up. But that’s a topic for another day

These are my thoughts about this question, “Do Women Want To Be Ravished?” I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this and any other ideas for bringing back the passion in relationships.

Thank you,

Dr. Adam Sheck

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