Week #25--What I've Learned About Sex After Baby


Week #25--What I've Learned About Sex After Baby

Please let me know your thoughts and you (anonymously) might be included in my book.

So this is it…for a little while
In the fall, my next blog series will be “What a girl wants” where I go in search of what can help a woman feel sensual. Please read my lips—this is not sexual, rather sensual. I feel the more a woman can get in touch with her sensual side, the easier it will be for her to turn on her natural sexual and erotic self.


Can’t wait to start trying all the things that can help me feel sensual. Oh la la! See you then.

Lesson I learned from last week: I can confidently prance around the house in lingerie…it just needs to be tame lingerie for now. It’s the prancing around the house part that’s important.

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