Week #21--Sexless Soccer Mom?


Week #21--Sexless Soccer Mom?

For once what I want more than life itself is for sex and my relationship not to be a work in progress, rather something effortless and easy. I am truly discouraged and really don’t know where I’m going to get the energy to be ‘flexible and creative’.

But I know from experience

To do nothing and let things ‘ride’ will create an even bigger mess in the very near future. A mess I don’t’ have the will, want or energy to deal with at this point in my life. It’s better to figure this out now and get my sex life back on track. A stitch in time and all that. Sigh.

So here we go again, an opportunity (said with sarcasm) be creative and flexible and a chance to get an even deeper and meaningful intimacy with my partner. Appreciate (said with sincerity) that my efforts will be worth it.



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