Week #2--My needs Vs. Football Game


Week #2--My needs Vs. Football Game

Frustrated tears formed on my lower lids and I just about called the whole thing off. But then the baby settled down and I was able to settle back and calm my frazzled nerves.

Then it happened. My husband and I started to chat and giggle. We then—gasp!—shared some real couple connection time. It probably only lasted for five minutes. Yet it was enough for me to glean that much prized intimacy that I crave. My baby smiled at me and for just one moment the world felt more than perfect.


My husband abruptly jumped off the bed and bee-lined it out of the bedroom to watch the Bills vs. Jets game. No where near an ideal night and still worth the effort.

Next week is all about my husband. I hope making time for sex is easier as his needs are so much more straight forward.

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