Is Virtual Sex Cheating?


Is Virtual Sex Cheating?

Silverberg says, “Most couples never discuss what their boundaries are and therefore find these types of scenarios difficult to navigate when faced with it.”

I agree and believe it’s the secrecy of engaging in virtual sex that causes the majority of difficulty—if not devastation—to a relationship. I appreciate it’s difficult to bring up to your partner that you want to dabble in cyber sex, but it’s even more difficult to try and resolve an issue of mistrust.


Silverberg’s parting wisdom, “Internet sex is neither good nor bad. It’s potential.”

I suppose the biggest concern surrounding virtual sex is if a person falls victim to its lure and delves deeper and deeper into salacious online habits. While this does happen, I find that the majority of people have a good grasp of where ‘the acceptable sexual conduct line’ is and don’t cross it.

Perhaps one day, cyber sex might become as acceptable as fantasy or role play; another safe sex way to titillate the imagination. My guess is, however, it will be many years before it happens.

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