Should a Couple Flirt?


Should a Couple Flirt?

Innocent flirting to me is like window shopping for those in a committed relationship. It is the catalyst to set a spark on fire. It successfully takes a healthy relationship over the long term. Couples need to flirt with each other, flirt with other people and allow other people to flirt with them. Having a pro-flirting attitude creates such great happy-couple energy.

The green-eyed monster, jealously, stops most people from venturing forth into flirtation land. Believe it or not, a little jealousy makes for a super great dynamic, because it affirms the affection within your relationship. Jealousy indicates there is excitement. That said, a well-balanced individual in a healthy relationship will not twist their jealously into a full-blown fight.


There are very few things that can wrap us in an “I’m special” cloak, allowing us to bask in gut warming, toe tingling sensations. Not to be too “Butterfly Effect” altruistic, however, when someone makes you feel beautiful, you are more likely to pass that positive energy on to someone else. When you’ve done something kind for someone, you have an aura of goodness around you. Innocent flirting makes the world a happier place.

Instead, our nation’s anti-flirting initiatives have made for millions of lackluster zombies giving off blah energy. When flirting does occur, people are at a complete loss with these positive free radical sexy ions that are floating around their bodies. Consequently people either sit like a lump, internalizing and holding down their feelings or go off the deep end and overtly show off their sexuality.

The question you need to ask is: how could your life and sex become that much better if you started to flirt? There’s only one way to find out.

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