Sex Doctors Answer: Can Women Have Sex Like Men?


Sex Doctors Answer: Can Women Have Sex Like Men?

People, in general, cannot accept that women are sexual creatures and want to use men for strictly their own sexual pleasure and then toss said men.

Add to this anthropologists believe that men are predisposed biologically to “spread their seed” and impregnate as many women as possible. Whereas women have to be a lot more selective in whom she chooses to mate as she only produces on egg per month.


As such, I’m surprised that at least 40 percent of women are having one night stands as compared to men at 47 percent. That’s pretty darn close.

All things considered women are a lot more sexually emancipated then they were even 25 years ago. They are saying what they want in bed and not feeling guilty when they get as much or more enjoyment out of the sex as him.

However, only time will tell whether or not women will ever be able to truly have NSA sex.

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