Community: Why Don't Men Understand Seduction?


Community: Why Don't Men Understand Seduction?

Funny, my initial quest to make men wrong for being ambivalent about seduction has turned into sympathy.

With that comes my very unsexy advice for men who want to seduce their lovers: you need to ask that special someone how she wants to be seduced.


When asking, please do not use open-ended questions like, “How would you like me to seduce you?” Instead, you need to give women suggestions like, “Would you prefer a night in or a night out?” Or, “A warm oil massage or a little tie-up?” Or, “A candlelit dinner or a blindfolded feeding?”

Seduction options stretch as far as your wicked imagination. If you have no imagination, enlist the help of some gal-pals or seduction books written for women.

Now ladies, we have to cut our men some slack. When he asks how you want to be seduced, tell him. If you give a wimpy answer like, “Um, I don’t know” or “Surprise me”, you have then committed yourself to be happy with whatever he comes up with.

Personally, I feel incredibly sexy when I can confidently say, “I want you to kiss me here” or “I want you to do this for me.” It is an adrenaline rush that makes the seduction that much more sweet.

Of course, ladies, heap on lots of well deserved praise before, during and after the seduction.

Bottom line, guys: women crave seduction. However you find inspiration, just go and do it. The novelty will make the sex so much fun.

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