Community: Why Don't Men Understand Seduction?


Community: Why Don't Men Understand Seduction?

I have always been perplexed at why so many men do not get seduction. Consequently, I went in search of what seduction education is available to men.

I hunted high and low in books, on the internet and in magazines, for information on how men are supposed to seduce women. I was appalled to find these materials had little or nothing to do with female seduction. Instead, they were full of tidbits on sexual technique—which is quite different from seduction technique.


I then went to Webster’s dictionary, which defines seduction as: “To draw aside from the path of rectitude and duty in any manner; to entice to evil; to lead astray; to tempt and lead to iniquity; to corrupt.” Interesting, but still no help for men.

In a last ditch effort, I turned to Hollywood movies and their leading men’s contrived, formulaic seductions. Jackpot.

I believe many men see James Bond as the consummate role-model seducer. In his movies, Bond meets his match in a gorgeous, sexy woman (with a name I cannot repeat). He seduces her with witty repartee, over-charged testosterone and a martini that is shaken, not stirred.

Part of Bond’s seductive ability is that he always leaves his beauty before the intense-lust stage is over. This begs the question: is his seduction success based on the Bond charisma or on the Bond bail-out before the relationship goes stale?

Nevertheless, Bond’s secret to seduction has at least one thing correct. If there is a human psychological aphrodisiac, it is not moonlight, candles, raw oysters or even champagne: it is novelty. The best seduction comes when two people know they are doing something new or something naughty or both.

Unlike Bond, most of us do not hop from one lust-induced short-term relationship to the next. Most of us prefer to be monogamous. Oftentimes the routine of monogamy dampens the creative juices needed to initiate naughty and new.

So this leaves me where I started. A guy who wants to spice up his relationship has no place to find inspiration.

In addition, men have a very confusing double standard around seduction. On one hand, society preaches that a “real man” is virile, charismatic and will innately be fantastic at seduction (like Bond). On the other hand, pretty much everything to do with seduction is considered by “real men” to be sissy.

Add to this every woman wants to be seduced differently. There are a few universal no-fail seduction techniques such as candlelight, long smoldering looks, kissing warm pulse points, and soft caresses. However, after that, it is anyone’s guess what one woman will prefer.

I recall a fellow asking me how he could seduce his wife. I suggested something that I find fun: a lovers’ board game, wine, nibbles and soft music. The wife hated it. She would have preferred him to cook a romantic dinner (plus do the laundry and clean the bathroom).

Could it be any more ironic? Women have huge Harlequin romance seduction expectations and yet there is nothing for men to reference. Of course, a guy could educate himself using Cosmopolitan or a romance novel. I suspect, though, that it would be as interesting for him as my reading a car magazine. Simply not going to happen.

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