Community Blog: Is Seduction Worth The Effort?


Community Blog: Is Seduction Worth The Effort?

For example, practice sex-talk in a low husky voice. Or, practice a one-person strip show (complete with tip). Or, practice waiting on your bed in alluring and suggestive positions.

It is normal to feel ridiculous while practicing. With a few test-runs, you will get better and your new found brazen confidence will follow through when it is show time.


(5) Seduction takes a lot of flexibility
Understand that Murphy’s Law will occur right in the middle of your seduction. For example, just as you tie up your lover, the phone will ring, a sleeping child will start to cry, or you will realize you tied your partner’s hands too tight.

Your seduction will never go as planned. Laugh it off and get back to enjoying the fun.

The questions remains: is seduction worth all of this effort? That is your call. I would say, absolutely and without a doubt, yes.

First of all, any person would L-O-V-E having all this fuss made just for them.

Second, going through this will boost your sexual self-esteem. John Ruskin put it best when he said, “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

Who knows? You may have so much fun that you will want to do this on a regular basis.

So go on, create the scene of seduction for your lover. Strap on those obnoxiously high heels, pour that steamy candlelit bubble bath or create that unforgettable gourmet meal. Make this a night worth remembering.

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