Are You Really too Tired for Sex?


Are You Really too Tired for Sex?

It may not seem romantic and a couple usually feel like failures because they can no longer have spontaneous sex; however, chances are if they don’t schedule, it’s not going to happen.

The upside to scheduling is it takes away any negative feelings of who is going to initiate sex and her walking around on egg shells wondering if “tonight is the night when I’ll have to have sex.” Research proves couples who schedule sex have more sex that is mutually satisfying.

So the next time the words, “I’m too tired” come out of your mouth as they relate to sex, think about how they are affecting your sex life overall. If you truly are too tired all the time, then maybe it’s time to get some balance in your life. After all, we can only hold our partner at arm’s length for so long before the relationship starts to suffer.

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