Improving Sex During and After Menopause


Now is a great time to get a little naughty, or a little extra cuddly. Be creative in how you define “sex.” There is no need to limit it to intercourse, after all. Part of the reason many of us had wilder, more passionate sex when we were young is because we were exploring every possible avenue for pleasure. Whether you loved that time or missed out it, now is a great excuse to try that approach with your lover/s. Incorporate some sexy videos, share fantasies, try new ways of touching and different positions. Anything that can bring you more pleasure can be a way to get more turned on, and more interested. No one likes boring or uncomfortable sex, regardless of age. If your clitoral sensitivity is down, you can speak to your doctor as well as try lube (see the tip above) and new ways of relaxing and stimulating your body. Remember, it’s about getting the glow, not racing to the goal.

Be kind to your urethra. Some women find that they get more bladder infections after menopause. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about adding supplements like cranberry to your diet. Drink lots of water and remember to urinate right after any form of genital sex play, regardless of your age. Keep your orgasm muscles strong. Some women also report weaker orgasms, or more difficulty reaching them. Recognize that it is normal to need a little more time, and enjoy the opportunity to get more attention from your partner and yourself. Practice kegels (they’ll help with stress incontinence, too) to keep the muscles in that area strong, and try masturbating regularly, if you don’t already. And don’t forget that lube! Many women also adore sex toys to help keep those muscles strong and provide more intense stimulation. The stores in the list on the right are all highly recommended. Be patient if it’s been a while; like any form of exercise, it will take a little time to get in good shape.

It’s up to you! Some research has shown that while physical changes are natural, others are completely self-made. Women who expect to experience a decrease in sexual desire are far more likely to find that they do; in fact, they may be the only women who do! You create your own reality here, so remember that you have the potential to be interested and able at any age when it comes to sex. If physical, relational or personal factors are bringing you down, help is available. Otherwise, it’s time to make some stories that will scare the grandkids!

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