Send Yourself Messages From The Future


A visit to emphysema and lung cancer patients in a hospital near you will make this more vivid for you.

Once the awful future has been seen, look at the steps that led you there, and connect it back to the here and now. Then, immediately take the time to create an alternative future, the one that will happen if the habit is broken, or the behavior changed. Again, the more specific you are about choices and actions, the more depth, color, animation and vibrancy you add, the more compelling these futures will be and the better they will serve you as motivating agents of change.


Ok, let’s apply this idea to your relationship with my blogging. Imagine, for example, little ole’ me getting enough feedback and comments to stay excited about blogging for months, maybe even years, to come! Imagine me sharing with you all of the high end secrets and strategic information about high quality living that I’ve learned through study, trial and error; information that can help you get what you want out of your life, work and relationships. Now, imagine that I didn’t get enough comments on these posts and just gave up. Please, don’t let that happen… Leave a comment on this or any other post on my blog!

Compelling visions of the future get and hold our attention where it belongs…on doing what we can with what we have in order to make tomorrow better than today.

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