3 Types Of Sex For Long-Term Love


3 Types Of Sex For Long-Term Love
Three types of sex to keep passion alive in a long-term, monogamous sex life.

Sometimes when tension is brewing in a relationship, one partner will want to stop having sex. But, actually, the best thing a couple can do is focus on creating better sex, because when the sex gets better, suddenly the whole relationship can improve.

Just as our palettes crave a variety of meals to keep our bodies functioning well, we also need to incorporate variety into our intimate relationships. Here are some ways to keep the passion burning:


Healthy Home-Cooked Sex—This style is the basis for a regular, healthy sex life, and usually occurs a couple times a week. It generally takes about 30 minutes and the Martian ensures that his Venusian has the time she needs to relax, build up her desire and experience orgasm(s). 10 Surprising Orgasm Facts

Fast Food Sex and Cuddles—Although junk food would not be good for us as a regular diet, it can be tasty and sometimes it fits well into the schedule. The same is true for quickies. This 3-5 minutes given whenever he feels the need for sexual release and she's not in the mood, is a great gift that a woman can bestow on her partner and will go a long way to ensuring he continues to feel his love for her.

Set some ground rules first, like not expecting her to participate much during quickies, having healthy home-cooked sex on a regular basis as often as she likes, plus gourmet sex once a month. Also, he will want to reciprocate for quickies by giving her the cuddling she needs regularly to feel loved. This technique can work very well so that never again will he feel rejected, and she will always be able to count on him for affection.

Gourmet Sex—Indulge in this style of sex at least once a month. A woman needs to be wined, dined and romanced, just like in the early days (and nights) of the relationship. No excuses—put it on the schedule! Remember the old adage "If mama ain't happy, then nobody’s happy!" Of course, a romantic getaway is wonderful, but if money is tight, then send the kids to Grandma's or trade babysitting evenings with the neighbors.

The key to passionate monogamy is remembering and acting like we did in the beginning of the relationship. When the man takes action to be romantic and the woman responds with appreciation, our bodies release the hormones that drive our sexual feelings.

To really make this advice work, you need to follow these action steps to complete today's challenge.

Right now, I want you to:

If you are a woman reading this, ask him to plan a date. You can even send him the link to this article. After all, men love a challenge! If you are a man reading this, plan a date. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Make her feel special as you would have in the beginning of your relationship. Go to that restaurant from your first date, plan a picnic on a scenic walk or take her to a concert.

Within 7 days I want you to:

Write a steamy, love note to your partner. Describe your sexual feelings when you are aroused. Place yourself in a romantic setting with your partner and describe what you want to do. This helps build anticipation. Save your letter for your date night.

By the end of the challenge I want you to:

Go on that special date. Men, tell her how beautiful she looks, how important she is to you and how you have plans for her at home. Women, tell him how much you appreciate him, how he makes you so happy and how excited you are to go home with him. At the end of your date, read your love letters to each other. The romantic gestures plus the steamy letters guarantee those physical feelings will build to lead you both back to the ecstasy of great sex.

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