Happiest-Ever-After Ending in NY Times Story


Happiest-Ever-After Ending in NY Times Story

I am so happy and psyched for my Love Mentoring student, Midge Woolsey, who was my on-air PBS Pledge Show host! She just married an awesome guy! And our mentoring journey together is beautifully described in the New York Times article! Read all about it at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/fashion/weddings/08woolsey.html?_r=1

I teared up when I read the story. Finding lasting and true love is the best!!! And the research on good marriages show that it is! In comparison studies with singles, divorced or widowed, women in good marriages results showed that they had:


* the least amount of atherosclerosis in their arteries and lived much longer if they did have heart disease[i].
* fewer doctor visits[ii]
* lower blood pressure than singles or women in unhappy marriages[iii].
* fewer headaches and back pain[iv].
* Better immune systems and healed twice as fast from flesh wounds compared to marrieds who demonstrated hostility toward each other[v].

Two final brain studies show some of the more amazing benefits of a high-quality relationship. In the first, neuroscientists did fMRI scans of married women while they received a very mild electric shock. They were put in three groups: having their hands held by their husbands; by a stranger; and by no one at all. Quality of marriage determined the women’s brain responses to the threat with the strongest decrease in brain activity occurring with those who reported the highest marital satisfaction. It was as if they had taken a tranquilizer[vi]. In another fMRI study, men and women in long-term healthy marriages showed activation in the areas of the brain associated with dopamine, that is, the passion centers, as if they were newlyweds. But not only were they madly in love their scans showed another bonus: less anxiety than newlyweds[vii].

In case you haven’t heard– I just started a highly personalized Love Mentor™ coaching service. Now you can have coaching from a trained Love Mentor who is in a committed lasting love relationship (so they walk the talk). Each one has a long background in transformational work and is closely supervised by me. Most importantly, each Mentor is gifted and can help you move forward to the love relationship you really want! Just like Midge did.

The best news is, right now, as we kick off the Love Mentor™ Coaching we can give you an introductory 40 minute one-on-one personalized session by phone or Skype for free. No strings attached. Just go to www.lovein90days.com/coaching/ to get your own personal free session by phone or Skype ASAP, because the time slots are filling up very fast.

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[iii] J. Holt-Lunstad, W. Birmingham, & B. Q. Jones (2008). “Is there something unique about marriage? The relative impact of marital status, relationship quality, and network support on ambulatory blood pressure and mental health.” Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 35, 239-244.

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[v] Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD; Timothy J. Loving, PhD; Jeffrey R.

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