Reignite Your Relationship By Valentine's Day!


Reignite Your Relationship By Valentine's Day!
Dr. Adam Sheck shares three tools to create a more passionate relationship by Valentine's Day!

There’s the process of getting out of your clothes or taking off your partner’s clothes. Then there’s probably 5-10 minutes of kissing if you’re lucky. Maybe a lick on the ear or a kiss on the neck. Maybe some heavy petting. Then a minute on each breast, and a little time working down the belly. Then a few minutes of oral sex. Maybe you’ll take turns or maybe it will be simultaneous. That’s it. Foreplay is over, time for penetration, assuming you make it that far. And then bedtime!

Boring, predictable, routine. All-Day Foreplay takes this all to another level. For a more detailed description of how to perform All-Day Foreplay:


Click for more All-Day Foreplay!


Let’s recap the three tools to Reignite Your Relationship:

High Energy Fun.
All-Day Foreplay

If you begin to add these techniques into your relationship “tool belt” I guarantee you will reignite your relationship and have great passion. Appreciations will take less than 5 minutes/day. High Energy Fun will take ten minutes a few times/week. And All-Day Foreplay, well, that will GIVE you back so much energy and aliveness, that the time you spend investing in it will return to you one-hundred fold.

So please, practice these three tools. Don’t just think about it, make a change. Start NOW!

And, if you start now, you’ll definitely notice some changes in your relationship by Valentine’s Day for sure!

I look forward to your emails letting me know of your progress.

Dr. Adam Sheck


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