An Expert's Love Advice: Stop Talking So Much


Dr. Adam Sheck writes why talking too much might be harmful to your relationship.

Don’t’ talk so much! That is the key. Would you rather be right that talking is what you need or would you rather connect and experience deep intimacy?

Bottom line: men and women are different! And as the more evolved of the sexes, women can definitely influence the relationship for the better, for the highest good of all involved.


I’m really excited about this new direction my work is taking, working with one partner to improve the relationship and would love to hear your comments about the idea. In fact, you can COMMENT as much as you’d like!

If you are interested in more of the inner workings of men and how to be successful in a relationship with them, I will be holding a “Don’t Talk So Much” teleseminar course on this in early 2011. Click here ( to be kept updated about this work and specific programs to help women improve their relationships.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Adam Sheck

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