Entrepreneur Divorce Rate High?


Entrepreneur Divorce Rate High?
Dr. Adam Sheck writes about the challenges of being married to an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur partner will often say, "We just need to get through this launch and then we can go on a date, go on a vacation, fill-in-the blank." "Just a little longer, be patient, our ship will come in."

The emotional strain of accumulating massive debt and potentially risking the house, the children's college fund, etc. can be huge. And there is sometimes a physical health risk as well, as the focus is on the business and not on self-care.


Sometimes, there is so much time and energy spent on the business, that the entrepreneur can only bond with business partners and co-workers. They feel like only those battling with them "shoulder-to-shoulder" can relate. This is when affairs with co-workers can take place in the heat of the moment, which puts the relationship AND the business at risk.

And then there is the very real issue of societal role reversal, where the woman is the entrepreneur and the male partner is feeling ignored. Whether we like to admit it or not, very few men have the ego strength to tolerate a partner who is more focused on business then on them. And very few men are able to cope with a partner who is more successful and earns more money than they do. Unfortunate, but true and definitely beyond the scope of this article.

So how do I work I use the metaphor of the relationship as a garden with these couples. We need to care for the garden. We need to water it. We need to fertilize it. We need to weed it.

And if the only focus for months/years is one patch of garden, the business garden, then the rest of the garden will be overgrown, diseased and may ultimately die. Sometimes couples get this metaphor and make some changes. Sometimes they are unable or unwilling to do so.

Unfortunately, as a couples counselor, I can only "lead the horse to water" the drinking is their choice. My recommendation to all of my readers (and we are ALL entrepreneurs on some level) is to WEED YOUR GARDEN! Don't take your relationship for granted, don't assume you have all the time in the world to repair what's being done or what isn't being done.

Let's do what we can to keep entrepreneur divorce rate down! Let's prove that we can be successful in business AND in relationship.

Start now!

Dr. Adam Sheck

If you'd like to know more about keeping your relationship alive and vital and keep entrepreneur divorce rate low, download my Free Special Report, "20 Rituals For Romance!" at http://freepassiontips.com

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