6 Attitudes That Every Married Couple Should Have


6 Attitudes That Every Married Couple Should Have
Help love blossom and create a marriage filled with amazing experiences in and out of the bedroom

Marriage can be an exciting experience between two best friends – two lovers who share a heart-clenching journey of radical love, sometimes unspeakable joy and a deep, abiding passion.  In fact, passion to the core, the kind that often takes you by surprise and leaves you wanting more – feeds the spirit and grows the heart in ways often unimaginable.

Creating this kind of love becomes an adventure that takes courage but also action – the type that builds love, creates energy and sustains deep bonds between two partners.


This doesn’t happen by accident.  Rather, true, abiding love is built on a model of care and affection that takes skill, undaunted persistence and an intentional pursuit between two lovers to grow the marriage into all it can be. 
We believe there are six attitudes that are crucial for married couples to develop and experience which will help love blossom and create a marriage filled with amazing experiences in and out of the bedroom.

#1 Potential – Our marriages have a unique potential to grow and to develop intimacy that’s amazing.   It takes creating a vision filled with wonderful possibilities, defined by two lovers who take time to spell out their future together.  True growth, spiritual and emotional, happens as a result of planned success!  Where you map out what you want from each other in terms of love, care and even lifestyle.  What do you want out of marriage?  What do you want from each other?  What does closeness look like in the bond of love you create together?  Take time to write down all your ideas, hopes and dreams and develop a path to get there!

#2 Presence – It is vital that each partner in marriage knows who they are – what they have to offer in creating intimate, lasting connections with their mate and what challenges in their personality get in the way.  Growing and bringing your “best” presence into the marriage makes amazing intimacy possible.  It is vital, for example, to identify areas you need to grow in that will make you a more effective lover, listener and friend to your mate.  Developing communications skills, managing your emotions better and bringing compassion into the relationship are often areas of focus that build love and lasting connection.  

#3 Pursuit – So often, we get married and stop pursuing our mate as we did in dating.  We don’t reach out with love, care and concern and instead settle for complacency.  Creating an amazing love with your mate means pursuing your lover with effort, passion and consistency – all the time – with the right ingredients that keep love alive.

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