Difficult Conversations During Dating


Difficult Conversations During Dating
I’m in an uncomfortable situation. I hope there is another way to handle the problem...

If you continue to avoid addressing the issue, you'll cheat yourself out of the opportunity to discover how to be comfortable during difficult conversations. This is such an important life skill that you truly want to gain comfort and confidence with crucial conversations. You'll glean both with practice, so ask yourself two questions:
• "If not now, when?"
• "Wouldn't I want to know if she were avoiding giving ME feedback about the one thing she doesn't like about MY behavior?"

Relationship coaching will help you develop courage and confidence. You'll thrive when you are 100% Your Authentic Self in all your relationships. You'll get your needs met in easy, harmonious ways and your self-esteem will soar.

© 2011 Doris Helge, Ph.D. Excerpted with permission from the book: Helge, Doris, Ph.D. "Transforming Pain Into Power -- Making the Most of Your Emotions," Download sample chapters at http://TransformingPainIntoPower.com

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