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Turn Painful Relationships Into Powerful Partnerships


Your relationships reflect your relationship with Your Self.

Relationship pain? Conflicts with people where you work? Your relationships reflect your relationship with Your True Self, so you always have the power to create the powerful, passionate, productive partnerships you want . . . personal and professional. Explore essential secrets about how to be loved & supported for being Your Authentic Self.

Watch this video to see more about Transforming Pain Into Power:

Sign up for your FREE introductory teleclass at You'll discover The Three Magic Keys to gain the love, support, respect and validation you want. Your facilitator is Certified Master Coach, Doris Helge, Ph.D. Named "One of the Top Ten Coaches in America," Dr. Doris is author of #1 Bestselling books like "Transforming Pain Into Power," "Conquer Your Inner Critic" and "Joy on the Job."


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