Lessons In Love From New Film 'Silver Linings Playbook'


Lessons In Love From New Film 'Silver Linings Playbook'
Learn about the silver linings of love.

These are some of the things I was referring to in the article. Sometimes our feelings are so deep seated, we are in such denial, that we make light of behaviors that may be harming ourselves and others. In her case, it was an obvious recent loss. In other cases, it may come from our childhood or something else. It often boils down to a good sense of oneself and how life's curve balls can really throw us off. Some people argued (in my other article where I mention several things about casual sex) that sex is not an addiction. If it is being done to fill a void, as many addictions are, then it may be. If it is hurting ourself or another, then it may be.

This movie is a fabulous film, and it is great is nominated for an Oscar. While some people may say the hooking up of these two characters as a couple is not realistic or common, I think the best relationships are ones where we help each other grow, and there is a deep friendship, which you see grow between them in their caring for and about each other.


One of my friends who had not seen the film yet said it was a chick flick. I told her that I disagree. My husband dug it too. Deniro, Cooper and the myriad of (excellent!) male characters are just as relateable as the female characters in the film. The laughs are great, the heartfelt moments you can feel and it was all shot in 33 days — a great feat in film-making. All the actors are great. You see a lot of honest relationship moments.

And no, love is not always pretty but it is what keeps us going.

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