5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway


5 Benefits Of A Romantic Getaway [EXPERT]
You'll be surprised by how much a vacation can recharge your relationship!

Try giving each other a sensual massage. The magic of touch is a wonderful way to connect. Plus, it's a great way to ease into an evening of romance.

4. It will rekindle your passion. Sometimes, the daily grind of life does not leave much energy for a night of passion. A romantic getaway provides the opportunity to enjoy each other anytime of day or all day. Sharing breakfast in bed, swimming together at the pool and a candlelight bath in the in-room Jacuzzi are a few ways to rekindle the passion.

5. It'll give you time to have hot sexYep, I said it. As long as those "sparks" of romance are flickering, a little time away just might be the ticket to create a full-blown, three-alarm fire. 18 Ways To Beat Complacency In A Long-Term Relationship

Ready to go? Try booking a night, a weekend or even a full week in a romantic getaway location. And don't feel like you have to have "deep pockets" to have a great weekend getaway. You can romance your sweetie in luxury or on a shoestring budget. There's a getaway in every price range.

As I write this, we're heading into the fall season. It's a great time to take a drive to see the fall foliage in all its colorful glory. Stop for dinner and a wine tasting at a local vineyard. Camp under the stars or share a mountain cottage. For more romantic getaway ideas, visit www.RomanceTravelMagazine.com.

Donna Beasley, The Romance Lady, is a romantic travel expert. She writes about romance travel to romantic locations throughout the world. You can find tons of romance tips and romantic travel advice at her websites, www.Romance-In-Georgia.com and RomanceTravelMagazine.com. She is the author of the provocative ebook, Romance Made Easy, 10 Golden Keys of Romance to Excite, Seduce and Captivate Your Lover. Get a free copy on her website.

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